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SM调教社区 Public School Division Transportation Fee Schedule- STARTING 2023/24

Charter (Yellow) Bus Rider fees: All K-5 (not Aspen Heights), Gateway, Escuella Vist Grande, West Park Middle, Normandeau, and Glendale

Rider TypeFee
Eligible Student - Grades K-6 living more than 1 km from designated school No fee
Eligible Student -Westpark Middle School- Grade 6 greater than 1km, grades 7-8 greater than 2 km from WPM (starting in Sept 2024)
No Fee
Ineligible student - Any K-6 student living less than 1 km from designated school.
$ 300/yr ($150 up front and $30/mth after)
Ineligible Student -Westpark Middle School- Grade 7-8 living less than 2 km from WPM (starting Sept 2024)

$ 300/yr ($150 up front and $30/mth after)

Alternative Programs - Gateway Christian or Escuela Vista Grande

*fee does not apply if rider lives more than 2.4 km from their designated school as well as 2.4 km from their Attending school.

$300/yr ($150 up front and $30/mth after)

Application Late fee (if applicable)$  20
Replacement fee for lost bus pass$  10

City Transit Rider Fees: HHHS, LTCHS, ASC, Central Middle, Eastview Middle

Rider Type: Only Eligible students will receive a transit pass from the school if requiredFee
Restricted City Bus Pass for Eligible Students  -  Any student living greater than 2 km from LTCHS if designated or 2.4 kms from HHHS if designated. Also, students living greater than 2.4 kms from designated school and greater than 2.4 kms from school of choice.No fee
Upgrade to Unrestricted City Bus Pass for Eligible Rider  (anytime use during school year)$ 100/yr ($10 per month prorated)
Replacement for Lost Bus Pass$ 10

Transportation Fees (Please click here for information regarding online payment and partial payment options)

Regular & Alternative Programs Yellow Bus: Late fees will be incurred for applications not submitted by June 24th ( unless you moved into the catchment area after that date).

FEE COLLECTION POLICY: It is preferable that all transportation fees are paid in full at the time the application is submitted and the fee appears on the students account. If a family needs to make payments to help with the fees, there are guidelines that will need to be adhered to. A student will not have access to the bus if these conditions cannot be met.

$300 ineligible fee: $150 paid at time of application before a student can ride and $30/month from Oct 1st to Feb 1st. Fees are prorated for the months used.

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