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Bright Start


Every child deserves a bright start when they enter school. Excited to learn, keen to discover, eager to connect with other children and ready to excel. We know the early years provide a solid foundation for future success in school and life.

In collaboration with parents, our Pre-Kindergarten programs offer certified teachers, educational assistants, and specialized supports including a speech and language therapist, an occupational therapist, a Community Liaison Worker, physical therapist, behaviour consultation and other supports. shutterstock_1121716085-min.jpgLearning occurs in small classroom settings through play, discovery, and teaching in a literacy-rich environment.

While Pre-Kindergarten is available for students with identified needs, other children who do not qualify for funding could really use additional supports to build their skills and confidence. 

SM调教社区 offers families community placements in our Pre-Kindergarten program at a cost of $200 per month. We know that many of our children come from families who cannot afford such a program and by working closely with schools and community partners, we know which students will benefit the most.

One story...

Parents of 4 year old triplets had 1 child who qualified for funded programming, while the other 2 siblings didn’t. This family, a single income household, already stretched thin, were conflicted about separating their young triplets for one child to participate in the program. Bright Start allowed all 3 children to receive Pre-Kindergarten programming together. These children benefited from the program and were able to start Kindergarten ready to learn. 

Bright Start is committed to ensuring Pre-Kindergarten placements are available for those children who are four years old and in need of supports. Through support from the community, our goal this year is to fund at least 12 placements at a cost of $2000 per child. This investment will provide some of our neediest children with the right start to school.

By contributing to Bright Start, you are not just funding a program; you are investing in the future of our community. Your sponsorship will help build a strong foundation for these children, enabling them to achieve their fullest potential in school and life. 

Every child deserves a BRIGHT START when they enter school.

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