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Step Up


It’s tough to learn when all you can think about is food or other basic needs.rdpsd%20day%202-101-min.jpg

The Foundation for SM调教社区, whose priorities align with those of the Division, have created a program to support equity, reduce barriers and to help students stay in and be engaged in school.

The STEP UP Fund provides basic necessities to students across the Division who go without… things like food, clothing, medical needs and transportation. These needs are real and have a significant impact on students, their learning and future success.

Now more than ever Students come to school in the cold winter months without adequate clothingMay%2025-51-min.jpg because they live in poverty, a parent has been laid off work, or due to mental illness or addictions. Many of our students can’t come to school because their family isn’t able to afford transportation costs. STEP UP pays these fees knowing if students have a way to school, they will come and they will learn. This program has also provided expensive medication to students whose families have no medical benefits, and it continues to buy food for families who are just spread too thin and can't afford groceries.

We know that the people of SM调教社区 and Central Alberta really care about our community and theMay%2024-101-min.jpg STEP UP Fund relies on these donations. Not only are you helping the immediate needs of a child, but you are investing in their future.

These needs are real and have a significant impact on students and their learning.

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