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Student Services

Equity and Inclusion - Creating Success for All Students

SM调教社区 School Division believes all children require a fair and inclusive education so that their diverse learning needs, personal situation and/or social circumstances are not an obstacle to achieving their educational potential. An environment that recognizes and celebrates diversity for staff and students fosters a strong sense of belonging and recognizes differences as valuable resources for engagement and learning. At SM调教社区 School Division, each child/student is presumed competent and capable of learning.

Inclusion within SM调教社区 School Division is a collaborative team effort in which staff and community agencies work together to create classrooms that embrace diversity, foster a sense of social responsibility, and support positive relationships. Establishing an authentic sense of belonging fosters success and well being for all.

Student Services Priorities

1.  Each student is engaged in meaningful learning that is appropriate to his or her abilities that takes place in the most enabling environment.

SM调教社区 School Division supports inclusion. Flexible and diverse programming allows students to experience maximum success. Programming will be determined on a consultative basis with schools, district office staff, parents and appropriate outside agencies.

All students should be included to the greatest extent possible within:

  • the regular classroom setting
  • the neighborhood school
  • the school district

2.  Each staff member has the ability to meet the diverse needs of all students.

At SM调教社区 School Division, improved services for students begins with knowledgeable and skilled staff. Professional development is encouraged and supported for staff to be innovative thinkers and effective leaders in their fields. Through conferences, workshops and professional learning communities, educators receive continuing instruction and support in best practices in inclusive education.

3.  Each student is able to access the supports and services they need to achieve success.

A multidisciplinary approach is emphasized by Student Services when developing and implementing alternative or specialized programs for students. In addition to support services provided directly by Student Services staff, we have also established both formal and informal links with external service providers to better meet the needs of our students.

4.  Empowering Students and Families

SM调教社区 School Division supports students within a Learning Support Team. This team consults and shares information relevant to the individual student’s education, and plans inclusive education programming and services as required. The team may consist of the Learning Assistance Teacher, classroom teacher, parents, student (where appropriate), and other school and district staff who are aware of the student’s needs.

Parents are valued members of their child's school learning team. Parent participation and engagement provides valuable insights and support to their child's success.


Pathways: Designed to deliver a living skills program to students with severe to profound developmental delays who may also have physical, sensory or medical conditions.

Foundations: Designed to provide academic, vocational, and independent living skill instruction for students wtih moderate developmental delays who are functioning well below grade level.

Journeys Learning Program: A partnership that offers daily treatment and education to youth with complex mental health needs.

Knowledge and Employability: Designed to align with grade-level programs of study. They are intended to maximize opportunities for student success and to support high school completion. Students in our Knowledge and Employability Programs are working towards completion of a Certificate of Achievement (80 credits). This is done through adaptations to academic expectations and the addition of an occupational skill focus.

Partnership with Parkland School: Serves students with severe to profound developmental disabilities and complex medical needs.


Nicola Golby, Associate Superintendent – Student Services
Phone: 403-342-3715

Denise Skelding, Executive Assistant - Student Services
Phone: 403-342-3703

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