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Finish Line


Now more than ever, high school graduation is essential for a brighter future. Yet within Alberta and in SM, only 78% of students complete high school within three years of entering grade ten. We need to address this issue to ensure both students and our community achieve their fullest potential. Finish Line is one of those solutions. 

Our Finish Line Program supports the priority of student success and completion. Through this initiative, we connect with students who are no longer attending high school, have not completed their May%2024-22-min.jpggraduation requirements, and yet are within reach of achieving their high school diploma. Through this important work, 70% of the students we connect with DO complete their requirements for high school completion.

Each student brings a unique story as to why they did not complete high school. Some of those are factors within school, while others are barriers they face outside of school. Many are within reach of the finish line but never make it across. Once they have left school and are focused on other priorities, it’s even more difficult to achieve that goal. 

rdpsd%20day%203-23-min-1.jpgKnowing those students who are within reach of completing their high school graduation requirements, Finish Line reaches out and connects with students. We let them know that graduation is still a possibility and work together to develop a learning plan and connect them with needed resources and other supports. Once that is in place, the program provides the needed encouragement and support to ensure they succeed.


We are incredibly proud of the growth and success of the Finish Line program. Now in its 12th year of operation, Finish Line has helped over 500 students complete their high school requirements and continues to grow, demonstrating the need to support students in completing their high school diploma requirements.

With increased recognition of the program and its services, Finish Line is attracting more diverse learners, bringing with them new challenges and opportunities to serve their needs. We anticipate greater opportunities to serve any and all students interested in Finish Line.


The Foundation for SM is asking for sponsorship to not only help fund the program, but to make an important statement about your belief in the importance and significance of high school completion to our community. 

We know what SM and Central Alberta care about our community. Not only are you helping the immediate needs of a student, but you are investing in their future.

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