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Application Forms

Application Forms

City Transit applications are submitted through the Powerschool parent account. (See Below)

Transportation Application Forms

CITY TRANSIT- High Schools, Middle Schools (with the exception of West Park Middle School), and The Alternative School 

  • City Transit Application Process - Applications for City Transit are done online through your . Once logged in, on the left hand side click on Student Fees/ Online Forms. On the bottom, there should be the City Transit current year application. Click on this form to open it up and review the student information for errors. Once you have confirmed the student information, please read through the rest of the form and follow the instructions to submit the application. Please note that only eligible students will receive City Transit passes from the school. Eligible students applying for next year can do so after Aug 15th for Middle and High School.

YELLOW BUS APPLICATION PROCESS: Applications for the next school year will be available on May 1st

Yellow Charter Busing- All K-5 Elementary (with the exception of Aspen Heights), Gateway Christian, Escuella Vista Grande, Normandeau, Glendale, and West Park Middle School

Yellow bus applications are done online only. This process involves using School Engage through your Powerschool parent account to apply for busing. Paper forms are not available or accepted so please ensure you have a Powerschool account. Below is a link explaining the process. Please note that applications that are submitted online after June 26th will not be processed until school staff are back in late August. There will be a $20 late fee applicable for applications submitted after June 26th. Specialized busing will still be done with paper forms through the school.

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