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Dianne Macaulay

Vice Chair        Email:      Phone: (403) 588-8806



With every term the focus may be slightly different but the foundation has always been the same, that has been doing what is best for students. With this term I focused also on being a voice for those that felt their voice was not being heard and having our schools be safe and caring places for our students and staff. Equity and diversity for all students.

I believe schools boards are accountable to the public. Public schools must seize their destiny by speaking out and encouraging the education debate. SM调教社区 Public is one of the most effective districts in this province because of our strong mission, vision and values. I will continue to advocate and communicate for "one publicly funded education system" in this province. I will also continue to be transparent with every dollar and every policy our board makes.

Previously, my occupations have been an eye wear specialist, a book keeper, retail management and advertising at Grant MacEwan.

I have three super duper kids. One fabulous son in law. Two super cute dogs.

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