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Nicole Buchanan

Chair        Email:      Phone: (403) 596-4611


I became a trustee because I have always valued education. I truly believe and think it is important to provide the greatest opportunities and resources for the upcoming generation to allow every student to become the best possible version of themselves. 

My priorities include creating spaces in our community and school district where students and families feel welcome, safe and cared for; that students, parents, and staff feel valued and that their thoughts and opinions matter. I am passionate about making SM调教社区 the best community possible for every citizen to enjoy everything it has to offer.

I moved to SM调教社区 in 1998 after living all across Canada and was a student and graduate with SM调教社区 Public. I have two beautiful girls, born in 2012 and 2016, who are and will be students with SM调教社区 Public. 

I have been employed as a police officer with the City of Calgary since 2008. I made the decision to live in SM调教社区 and commute because this is my home and I love the community and wanted to raise my family here.

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