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Division Profile

Division Profile

Central Services

Division Profile

Our Vision: A culture of respect, inclusion, caring and excellence, where every student succeeds.

Our Mission: Striving for excellence by inspiring learning and nurturing hope in every student.

Our Mandate: SM调教社区 is responsible for providing the opportunity for our students to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to become self-reliant, responsible, caring and contributing members of society.

We have a responsibility to provide instructional programs that ensure students have opportunities to meet provincial graduation requirements and become prepared for entry into the workplace or post-secondary studies. Our first obligation is to provide a solid core program consisting of language arts, mathematics, science and social studies. We have a further responsibility to ensure that our students understand the rights and responsibilities of citizenship, and that they have the physical and intellectual skills as well as the creative abilities and disposition, to pursue learning throughout life.

SM调教社区 serves almost 11,000 students within the City of SM调教社区

  • 10% of students are registered in our French Immersion Program
  • 8% of students have self identified as First Nations, Metis or Inuit

SM调教社区 has 1173 staff members including

  • 650 Teachers
  • 413 Classified Staff - including educational assistants, office staff, etc.
  • 110 Caretakers and Maintenance Staff

Our $120 million budget is allocated to

  • 76% to Instruction
  • 13% to Facilities and Maintenance
  • 8% to Transportation
  • 3% to Administration

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